Our story

Simplifying fleet programs for senior management no matter your fleet size

Managing the twists & turns

Reacting to the changes and delivering value

We focus on fleet management so you can focus on your business.

Neuberger & Associates offers a free assessment of your fleet.  We often find 15 – 35% savings available while getting more productivity out of your vehicles. We can also help you with your biggest challenges. 


The BIG issues we are helping clients with:


Choosing the right OEM’s and Vehicles based on timing and available incentives.


Choosing the right one(s) for your company, transition process, etc.


Reducing costs & boosting ROI. Lowering vehicle acquisition cost & running costs


Understanding new technologies that will deliver much greater efficiencies to your fleet, including 5G, V2V, and API’s.

We'll help you make the right choice that is best for you