Fleet Assessment

A FREE evaluation of your potential savings

The right fit

To determine if we are right for your business, we offer you an assessment of your vehicle program. We will evaluate your total cost, lay out alternatives and project the savings you can achieve by implementing those alternatives.

Specifically, we will examine your current vehicle types and costs, lifecycles, routine maintenance, repairs, fuel, accidents, downtime and the management resources spent on the program.

We will report to you where there are opportunities to improve efficiencies and how to implement them. We will recommend only those changes which will add value to your operation. 

A couple of examples

One size does not fit all

A customer who delivers and installs mechanical parts were using full size vans. Over time, their products and customers’ requirements had changed.  We discovered that 40% of their vans were leaving the shop every morning less than half full.  We were able to replace the older full-size vans with a combination of SUV’s and small vans, significantly increasing fuel economy, reducing maintenance costs, and increasing the technician’s satisfaction as well.

Outsource to success

A customer who was doing their vehicle maintenance internally had experienced significant growth in their business, and the number of vehicles in their fleet as a result. They had difficulty tracking routine maintenance schedules and costs on a per vehicle basis. In assessing their fleet, we determined their costs to be significantly higher than fleets in businesses with similar vehicles. 

We recommended an outsourced maintenance program and a shorter life cycle that resulted in a 60% reduction in their maintenance costs, and an increase in the reliability of their vehicles.


We continually find that we can assist clients in the acquisition of their vehicles by finding more incentives and sources willing to sell at a lower price.

There is no charge for our assessment, or to discuss any problem needing a solution. You will come away with a solid evaluation of your fleet, and the knowledge of opportunities to add value.