Streamlined Acquisition

The right vehicle for the right job

Helping you to make the right choice, always.

One of the challenges we often hear from our clients is around vehicle acquisition.  That may be choosing the right vehicle for the job, negotiating the best price, or lately, managing very long lead times on new vehicles compared to paying very high prices for used units. 

There are currently unusual forces at work here, including the effects of both the Covid epidemic and the international chip shortage, plus a shift in production towards electric vehicles.  These are challenges that will be with us for some time.  We can help you navigate these to keep fresh, and productive vehicles on the road.

Your new road ahead

First, we can assist with the selection of vehicles. Are you using the right vehicles for the job?  Would you be willing to look at alternative manufacturers if we can demonstrate a significant reduction in price that offer the same utility for your work requirements?

Electric vehicles will definitely be a bigger share of the road in the next 5 years. Do they fit into your future plans, and if so, which ones would be best for you?  

We will deliver significant economic value in this area. How? Through our national network of dealers, ability to order direct from the manufacturers, and access to all incentive databases, we have the ability to insure you get the lowest vehicle pricing and lead times to delivery.

We also counsel clients on the best types of vehicles to order and the best times to order and replace vehicles based on new vehicle pricing and used vehicle values.

Consider giving us a shot next time you need vehicles. Whether you choose us or not, you will lower your costs as a result!

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