Our solutions

The tools you need to adapt to a changing vehicle fleet market

Help in a changing landscape

We are experts focused on the future. You will have the confidence that we will keep you informed on a timely basis with the critical information you need to make effective decisions.

Fleet cost reduction

We offer the insights you need into the fleet market. 

Our customers save on average 15-35%

New vehicle acquisitions

  • Competitively priced vehicles and lease programs aligning cash flow with vehicle life
  • The right vehicle the right place the right time

Used vehicle disposals

  • Pick up, transport and sell on your behalf
  • Buy out direct

Fleet Services Toolbox

  • Maintenance
  • Fuel Cards
  • Connected Vehicles / Telematics
  • Accident Management

Management Assistance

  • Current Program¬†Assessment
    1. Cost Assessment with Savings Projections
    2. Alignment with Company Brand and Goals

  • Future Vehicle Program Options
    1. Electric Vehicles
    2. Connected Vehicles and Telematics